Heritage, recognized skills passed down from generation to generation, ethical values translated into daily practice: the International group L’Astrolabio is a family company that has been operating in tourism for almost half a century, successfully facing the epochal challenges of the times thanks to concrete and continuous commitment to providing tailor-made service, constantly refining the ability to listen, proactivity, organization, and offerings.

L’Astrolabio identifies two types of service:

  • Travel agencies for outgoing and incoming travel: leisure trips, business travel and study vacations for Italian
  • Students in English-speaking countries, in selected colleges and in many cases exclusive.


At the helm of the companies is the same Aronson family that in the Thirties of the last century brought Chiariva to the top among tour operators in Italy and third in the world, that Chiariva which had been in turn the first travel agency born in our country, in 1878.

As it is known, an astrolabe is an ancient instrument for studying the position of the Sun and stars, which also served for navigation: the brand L’Astrolabio aims to be the reference point for travelers, with the promise: ‘Never left alone’. Because a journey is never just moving from here to there, but above all it is an emotion and L’Astrolabio ensures that travelers always feel understood and never abandoned, to preserve the memory of the experience lived as a magnificent dream with open eyes.


They operate as ‘travel designers’ for clients throughout Italy. The sales points are located in Milan.

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Via Monterosa 20, Milano
Tel. +39 02 481 95 202
Email: agenzia@superviaggi.com

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Via Boccaccio 19, Milano
Tel. +39 02 481 95 202
Email: agenzia@superviaggi.com

agenzia 5 giornate Milano

5 Giornate

Piazza Cinque Giornate 15, Milano
Tel. +39 02 55 19 4646
Email: info1@5giornate.it


For over 30 years, thousands of Italian families have regarded L’Astrolabio as the leading brand for the safest study holidays abroad for their children.

The destinations are all in English-speaking countries, around 50, and in selected colleges, sometimes exclusively for the young guests, aged 8 to 17, who are looked after by the organization as if they were their own children! The L’Astrolabio centers are the best colleges in England and the rest of the world, offering a unique service. L’Astrolabio moves around 2.5 thousand children and young people each year, with the number continuously increasing.

It operates with over 200 Italian teachers supported by local staff, including a L’Astrolabio manager, to meet any request and resolve any situation during the study trip. Students are divided into groups with a male or female escort, and stays are for 1 or 2 weeks. It is possible to choose language courses and certifications regardless of the chosen destination. Prices are all-inclusive. The children travel with major scheduled airlines, ensuring maximum safety.

The company’s headquarters is in Milan, at Via Boccaccio 14. Tel. 02.72003311 Email: info@lastrolabio.it



For us, tourism means encountering new realities and learning to respect them; for this reason, not only does tourism need peace among peoples to grow, but it also fosters it. Tourism is culture and freedom. These are the values that we want to support. Therefore, in light of the succession and intensification of wars and unrest in the world, since 2023, we have decided to engage directly as a company in cultivating the seeds of peace by helping children in the most affected countries access educational services.

Here is the school we have contributed to rebuilding in the Parish of the Sacred Heart of Shisong in Cameroon, devastated by civil war, together with the Capuchin Missionary Friars, who have been present in the area for over forty years: Link to the school reconstruction project

This facility is designed for approximately 900 children who would otherwise be left without any education, without hope for qualified employment, or a future.

The parish priest, Fra Francis Bongajum Dor, and the Assistant Parish Priest and School Manager, Fra Henry Kinyuy Yuwong, have implemented the project, which for us will continue with the provision of materials and perhaps even teachers, if the necessary conditions of peace and security are met.

VIVA International: The Sister Company

VIVA International is the sister company of L’Astrolabio, both owned by the Aronson family. VIVA serves as a cornerstone in the realm of personalized language courses, both in Italy and abroad. Unlike L’Astrolabio, VIVA International stands out for its tailored courses designed for not only youth but also adults and businesses, specifically crafted to meet the individual needs of its clientele.

With a wide array of options available, VIVA International offers language courses both domestically and internationally, ensuring a high-quality, personalized educational experience. Whether it’s enhancing language skills for professional, academic, or personal enjoyment reasons, VIVA International is committed to providing flexible programs that cater to each client’s needs.

With a customer-centric approach and a team of dedicated professionals, VIVA International endeavors to offer an engaging and rewarding language learning experience. Its mission is to assist clients in effectively and satisfactorily achieving their language goals by delivering high-quality courses that adapt to their learning style and schedule.

Additionally, VIVA owns a Leisure travel agency, which operates synergistically with other agencies within the group, such as Ascot Viaggi based in Bergamo.

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